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Vaccine Education Initiative

People with Autism and other developmental disabilities and their families have been disproportionately impacted by the ongoing public health and economic emergency caused by COVID-19. The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin believes that increasing vaccine access is a crucial step towards improving the lives of people with Autism, their families and communities as we all work towards ending the pandemic. Through its Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI), the Autism Society is committed to increasing vaccine education and access.

By participating in the Autism Society of America’s Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI), the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin aims to increase community collaborations that will lead to long-lasting partnerships to increase health access and promote healthy equity.

Goals of the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin through the Vaccine Education Initiative:

  • Promote COVID-19 vaccine education within the Autism community so that all individuals, families, and caregivers are equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions

  • Increase accessibility of COVID-19 vaccination to increase health advocacy within the Autism community and equip healthcare providers with the training and resources they need to cater to unique healthcare needs in the community

As part of the Vaccine Education Initiative, the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin is partnering with local agencies to host Sensory Friendly Vaccine Clinics in 2022. A Sensory Friendly Vaccine Clinic is a modified vaccination process that includes sensory accommodations, preparation materials, and an individualized experience when possible. Please see below for upcoming vaccine clinics and community presentations.

To inquire about the Sensory Friendly Vaccine Clinic model or to explore a local partnership, please contact us at (414) 988-1260 or

Greenfield Health Department

With guidance and training conducted by Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, Greenfield Health Department has not only held sensory friendly clinic events, but has also modified their scheduling platform for all vaccines and skin tests to allow for the designation of sensory friendly visits.

To book your appointment, visit the Greenfield Health Department website, choose what type of appointment you would like, then on the “Your Information” page, select “Yes” for the question labeled “Do you require a Sensory Friendly clinic visit?”. Upon making this selection, additional questions will populate that will allow you to add in your preferences and requested supports

Upcoming Sensory Friendly Clinics

The Wauwatosa Health Department is planning to hold their first sensory friendly immunization clinic in November, details to follow.

For more information contact Dana Eick
Public Health Specialist and Clinic Coordinator
(414) 479-8936