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The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin provides a variety of innovative programs, events and workshops that are unique to the needs of individuals in Wisconsin. Below is a sampling of just a few of the upcoming programs to be on the lookout for.



Click here to register for the A-Mazing Challenge


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Wonder what the future holds for your teen? Our Transition Series (TRAILS) helps you understand the types of decisions you & your child will be facing as they come of age by providing pathways to adulthood. We offer this series of classes each year to assist parents of teens prepare for the transition from school to community as adults.

Click here for TRAILS workshop topics, more information and to register.


Change Champions
Become a Change Champion!  Making Change for Autism is a fun awareness and coin drive initiative specifically designed for schools during the month of April. Get your school engaged and help your students make a difference. This turnkey education campaign helps us raise funds to provide community opportunities for students with autism and their families. By the way…. there are perks for your school for participating in this great campaign!

Click here to see the Change Champions program details and register your school.

Click here to learn more about VEI.

The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin believes that increasing vaccine access is a crucial step towards improving the lives of people with Autism. VEI aims to increase community collaborations that will lead to long-lasting partnerships to increase health access and promote healthy equity.

iCan Bike Camp

This program teaches individuals with disabilities how to ride a conventional bike and become a lifelong independent rider! 

Success in learning to ride a bicycle is a major accomplishment for attendees and builds confidence and an improved self-image. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a group of bike camp participants ride a conventional bike completely independently.  By the end of the five day camp over 80 percent of riders learn to ride their bikes completely independently.

Click here to learn more about iCan Bike Camp.