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Group Support

Sometimes it can feel like you are all alone…

Our groups offer supporters understand what you are going through so that you have an outlet to interact, share your experiences and learn from others.

This is a great way for individuals to connect and share strategies for living a good life.  Come and meet other people who are walking the same path.  It is a “pay it forward” relationship: We learn from others who went before us and we look out for the ones who are new to the journey.

All our support groups are free of charge and what happens at support group stays at support group.

Morning Coffee Parents’ Support Groups

Tri-County Autism Resource & Support Group

Parents’ Support Group

Parents of Spectrum Adults Support Group

Southeastern Wisconsin Autistic Navigators Support Group

Latino Support Group & Resources

  Visit the Autism Society of SE Wisconsin Group Facebook page and ask to join today!

Need a group closer to you? Contact our office for a list of other support groups, unaffiliated with our organization, held throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Disclaimer: the facilitators of our support groups are NOT professional counselors or psychotherapists. If you need professional help, see our Resource Directory listings or contact our office for information on local professionals.

All Support Groups are free of charge. No child care provided.