Creative Zone missions are designed to bring out your artistic side. You may be asked to create a project such as a find it bottle that can be used to challenge, stimulate or entertain. Some missions in this zone are aimed at informing you about creative programs offered by the Autism Society of SE WI such as SuperStars Arts Camp. Watch for a fun costume mission in the Creative Zone!

Active Zone missions are designed to get you moving. You may be asked to complete a physical task like walking a mile or we may challenge you to go on a hike with your family or visit a landmark. You will have the opportunity to learn more about traveling by airplane through some of the missions. Also, expect to demonstrate your awesome dance moves in the Active Zone!

Yummy Zone Missions will get you cooking or at least trying new foods. Missions will teach you more about healthy food options or challenge you to prepare a healthy sensory snack. Be prepared to tease your taste buds in the Yummy Zone and establish healthy eating habits.

VIP Zone Missions will challenge you to get out into your community and volunteer through various tasks that you can easily accomplish as a small group while making a huge impact! You may also be challenged to create your own simple fundraiser to benefit the Autism Society of SE WI. The VIP Zone will make you a VIP in your community!

Safety Zone Missions are designed to keep you safe. Missions might include learning more about firefighters, creating a family fire safety plan and visiting your local fire station. You may also be introduced to various Autism Society of SE WI resources that are aimed at safety. Expect to learn more about various community helpers, water safety and bike safety through the Safety Zone Missions!

Learning Zone Missions cover challenges related to various life skills. You may be challenged to create a visual daily routine. This zone will help you become more familiar with available resources and partner offerings. Expect to learn more about social distancing and the importance of wearing masks through various Learning Zone missions.