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A-Team A-Mazing Challenge

This is a new and exciting program that is designed to educate and entertain in a fun and interactive way in your own safe space! The A-Team A-Mazing Challenge is free for Autism Society Members; however, EVERYONE is welcome to join our first game for FREE! All ages are welcome, and you can play as an individual or as a team with up to five participants per team.

Join Game

Wanna play the game? Download the GooseChase app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Once you create a GooseChase account, the first thing to do is join the game. Our first game will run October 17th through December 31st! The game code will be available on October 16th.

Complete Missions

To complete a mission, select it from the list and follow the instructions to receive the allotted points. Sometimes you’ll be submitting a photo or video, while other times you’ll be exploring your community and checking-in at a specific location. You may need to answer questions related to content provided in links or solve a puzzle or riddle to complete a mission. At times you might be challenged to do something absolutely silly to complete a mission! Missions change from game to game, but the fun and excitement will always be there.

Remember that while you receive the points right away, all submissions are subject to review by the Autism Society of SE WI. Sometimes you’ll even get bonus points if your submission is extra impressive!

Track Opponents

The ability to see everything as it happens is one of the best parts of the A-Team A-Mazing Challenge. That’s because whenever someone completes a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated.

If you’re competitive by nature, you’ll realize how awesome this is! At any given moment, you know exactly how you’re doing and what needs to be done to win.

Achieve Glory

When time runs out, the game may be done, but the fun is definitely not over. That’s because the Autism Society of SE WI will still need to announce the final scores after they review the submissions. Push hard until the very end, because you don’t know if the teams or individuals ahead of you will have taken any shortcuts!

As a final treat, the Autism Society of SE WI will put together a slideshow of the best photos & videos. This should be a fun a rewarding experience for everyone involved! Our first game will run effective October 17th – December 31, 2020 so get moving and complete those missions for a chance to win one of our FAMILY FUN BASKETS! The team or individual that earns the most points by completing missions will win a FAMILY FUN BASKET packed with goodies!

Our missions are designed around the A-Team Fun Walk Zones that many of you became familiar with when you participated in the awesome A-Team Fun Walk event at Greenfield Park in 2019. Check out some examples of our A-Mazing Challenge Zones and the accompanying mission types below.

Creative Zone missions are designed to bring out your artistic side. You may be asked to create a project such as a find it bottle that can be used to challenge, stimulate or entertain. Some missions in this zone are aimed at informing you about creative programs offered by the Autism Society of SE WI such as SuperStars Arts Camp. Watch for a fun costume mission in the Creative Zone!

Active Zone missions are designed to get you moving. You may be asked to complete a physical task like walking a mile or we may challenge you to go on a hike with your family or visit a landmark. You will have the opportunity to learn more about traveling by airplane through some of the missions. Also, expect to demonstrate your awesome dance moves in the Active Zone!

Yummy Zone Missions will get you cooking or at least trying new foods. Missions will teach you more about healthy food options or challenge you to prepare a healthy sensory snack. Be prepared to tease your taste buds in the Yummy Zone and establish healthy eating habits.

VIP Zone Missions will challenge you to get out into your community and volunteer through various tasks that you can easily accomplish as a small group while making a huge impact! You may also be challenged to create your own simple fundraiser to benefit the Autism Society of SE WI. The VIP Zone will make you a VIP in your community!

Safety Zone Missions are designed to keep you safe. Missions might include learning more about firefighters, creating a family fire safety plan and visiting your local fire station. You may also be introduced to various Autism Society of SE WI resources that are aimed at safety. Expect to learn more about various community helpers, water safety and bike safety through the Safety Zone Missions!

Learning Zone Missions cover challenges related to various life skills. You may be challenged to create a visual daily routine. This zone will help you become more familiar with available resources and partner offerings. Expect to learn more about social distancing and the importance of wearing masks through various Learning Zone missions.